Friday, October 31, 2008

And The Winner Is . . . . Comment on Your Spooky Experiences!!

Lizziebusy!!! Lizzie you have won my first blog giveaway!! :) Email your address to me so I can get your prize in the mail. My email addy is: staceybarrett @ netscape dot net (no spaces).

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog and all those who had entered. I hope to have some more fun giveaways soon, so visit often for your chance to win.

And, since it's Halloween, how about anyone who stops by my blog, leave a comment on something "spooky" you might have encountered or heard. I'll start with a "haunted" happening that occurs to me from time to time . . . and yes, I do believe in ghosts, I do, I do, I do!! Just as the cowardly lion believes in spooks.

Every so often I am visited by my friendly ghost or whatever he/she may be. Oftentimes I see a flash out of the corner of my eye and wonder if he/she is around at those times as well. Who knows. The thing that oftentimes happens in my home is this friendly invisible being will turn on the water in my bathroom sink ~ full blast. I spoke with a plumber to see if there is any way the water could come on by itself, as I have handles you have to physically turn for the water to come on. The plumber knows of no possible way other than physically turning them on and looked at me oddly as I told him what happens from time to time. This usually happens during early mornings while I'm in the shower. No, it's not a family member sneaking in either. Not only has this happened at my present home, but has also occurred in my condo that I previously had lived in and the home I lived in prior to that, so the little invisible being is following me with my moves. Weird, huh?


lizziebusy said...

Stacey WoW I'm so happy I won your lovely giveway!
Just e-mailed you my mail address!
Happy Halloween

Kim said...

Doesn't that give you the creeps? My daughter has a friend who sees people who have passed on. She won't take a shower with the door closed. It creeps her out.

Mónica Zúñiga said...

Yay, Lizzie is a lucky girl! How do you do it lizzie?!!! :)

Congratulations! Happy Halloween sweet ladies!