Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nothing new for me to talk about really. Due to the pregnancy I have been extra tired and a bit nauseous, and between work and housework upon arriving home I haven't found time to work on any new projects. I've been feeling lazy so to say, but I really am doing a lot, just not as much as I'm accustomed to doing. We're planning to go camping this weekend with family and friends. Hopefully it's more relaxing than feeling like it's work as it seemed to be more than it should the last time we went. And, hopefully, it doesn't rain as is forecast for Saturday!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Favorite Places

We visited my parents farm yesterday, and took the kids for a walk to explore and pick berries. I always LOVE to do this, as I love the beauty of the outdoors on their farm and pastures. Abbie, Jacob, & Taylor. Looking for tadpoles - found some too!

A view of my parents farm.

Neat old barn and the interior view of it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tinted Sweet Vintage Children

It's unseasonably cold here in Wisconsin, with temps. today not even yet reaching 60! So unusual mid summer! I hope this weather changes for the warmer - much warmer - soon so we can make more use of our outdoor pool.
I rented a movie to settle down and watch later on tonight after Jacob is tucked into bed. The girls will enjoy it with me as it's a "scary" new release. I love realistic scary movies.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Have a Secret . . . Oh Baby!!

. . . but now I'm telling :) Some of you may know already . . some not. I have been soooo tired lately. Recently I started crying upon getting to work for no apparant reason, then a few times throughout that day. I started to think perhaps I was depressed. I had felt a bit stressed for a couple of months, so figured it was getting to me to the point of depression. Well, I am not depressed! :) Happy, happy, joy, joy! I was shocked, as this was so unexpected and not planned, but this is good news. My children are going to have a baby brother or sister in about 7 months. Maybe I'm breaking the news early, but I am not one who can keep this to myself for too long. No wonder I have been so tired lately! No wonder I was overly emotional that day. LOL. I think my emotions are in check now . . but who knows with pregnancy hormones. I'm feeling good . . just tired . . but good :)

We had planned to be done having children, but God has blessed us with this pleasant surprise. Here I was planning to go out last Friday with friends and socialize a bit ~ have a few drinks perhaps . . as it was my birthday. But since we just found this news out a week prior, our plans changed and we stayed home. Mike made a wonderful birthday supper for me and we settled in and watched a good movie. Oh gosh, don't ask how old . . . I felt so much older when Jacob was born than Abbie, I can only imagine how "old" I'll feel upon the birth of this child. I was just used to finally getting to sleep through the night once again . . and now I'll have many interrupted nights of sleep again soon. But anyway, I did just turn 37! Oh my! I only feel my actual age when I'm so tired, mostly due to lack of sleep, but now due to pregnancy hormones . . and when I see the gray hairs starting to pop through at my temples and at the tops of my bang line . . then it's time to quickly color my hair again! Otherwise, I feel as though I'm maybe 28 or so . . maybe 30. Remember ~ You're only as old as you feel!! :) Have a wonderful week everyone :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Mind Wide Open Challenge Entry

So here's my latest Mind Wide Open entry. What do you think? (You can click to enlarge for details). I really enjoyed putting this piece together. If you'd like to see the other entries and cast your vote, take a look here:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Independance Day Weekend!

Happy 4th of July (almost)!! We have a few things planned for the weekend, including a get together at my aunt & uncle's lakeside home on Saturday afternoon, then visting with relatives camping nearby and watching a lighted boat show on the lake from the beach. Mike and the kids plan to camp with them - I however plan to visit for awhile but then return home that night to sleep so I can spend some time to myself the following day to work on some artwork. Hopefully my plan works . . time will tell. LOL. If I end up bringing Jacob home with me I will not be able to do as I wish as it's impossible to work on artwork when I'm home alone with my baby boy. He wants momma's full attention to play with him.

Tonight I am thinking of going to to visit my parents on the farm. Jacob loves going there to see the cows, tractors, and all the other sights. I may take some food to cookout on the grill and surprise my parents with supper too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I know it's only Thursday, but with tomorrow being a holiday day off from work, it's now the start of my holiday weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Baby Boy is 2!!!

Jacob's 2nd birthday was yesterday. He had a great time with his cake and presents. He LOVES his caterpillar front end loader/backhoe toy and can't get enough of it! Spaghetti for supper on his 2nd birthday! Oooohhhh - blowing out the candles . . and I see a bit of drool! LOL
Abbie, Jacob, & Mommy!
Playing with his favorite new toy!And having more fun with his new toys!This past weekend we spent a day at the lake with Abbie & Jacob's cousins. It was a beautiful day!