Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Independance Day Weekend!

Happy 4th of July (almost)!! We have a few things planned for the weekend, including a get together at my aunt & uncle's lakeside home on Saturday afternoon, then visting with relatives camping nearby and watching a lighted boat show on the lake from the beach. Mike and the kids plan to camp with them - I however plan to visit for awhile but then return home that night to sleep so I can spend some time to myself the following day to work on some artwork. Hopefully my plan works . . time will tell. LOL. If I end up bringing Jacob home with me I will not be able to do as I wish as it's impossible to work on artwork when I'm home alone with my baby boy. He wants momma's full attention to play with him.

Tonight I am thinking of going to to visit my parents on the farm. Jacob loves going there to see the cows, tractors, and all the other sights. I may take some food to cookout on the grill and surprise my parents with supper too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I know it's only Thursday, but with tomorrow being a holiday day off from work, it's now the start of my holiday weekend!!!


Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

Make sure you don't over do it sweetie!! Take time to rest for your self too.
Hugs Rene

Jann said...

wonderful old photos! Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely 4th!!!! Smiles, Jann

Dianne Q Adams said...

Thanks for the vintage photos.

Barb said...

Thank you for taking the time to Uload and allow us to copy all these wonderful images

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Hi Stacy! I have been dorment~~ Too many Busy things! It is NOW time for me to get back to NoRmAL!!!I love all your new pictures~ 4th of July are adorable!
HOPE you got to get some things done as you planned! Let me know when you go to your parents and I shall join you!! I love The Farm Ways!! Hugs~*~Birdy...Take Care!