Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glass Glitter Vintage Little Girl Photo Hang Tags

These are currently available on my website. I really haven't had much time lately for my arts and crafts, but am hoping to devote some time to doing so this upcoming weekend.


Last night we had parent teacher conferences. The conferences went very well. However, I am sad to say we had a little accident when leaving home. I was driving. The kids never noticed, but I said to Mike as we were driving away that I think I may have just hit one of the cats, as I felt the vehicle seem to bump over something. He told me to just keep going, no reason to let the kids be upset before conferences. We returned home and I was relieved for a minute as I did not see anything laying in the driveway. I was just starting to say oh good, I thought I had hit one of the cats when we left. That's when I saw him . . . poor Tiger. He had been hit, but managed to move from the driveway and died beside the front of the house. Taylor saw him before I did and was a crying mess. He couldn't have suffered much and it's amazing he made it that far with the head injury he had. I feel so terrible. :(

But, not only that. This morning I awoke around 3:45 a.m. to another of our cats (we had only 3 total), crying/howling/moaning outside my bedroom window. I warmed a dish of milk to give to the two cats and tried to call them in to drink in the warmth of our back porch. It was a very cold night, so I thought perhaps they weren't able to keep warm enough, now being just the two of them together in the insulated doghouse which I filled with straw. The "runt" of the litter, Shiloh, came up into the porch and drank. But Midnight was the one who was howling and wouldn't move. I put on my shoes and ventured out to find out what was wrong, bringing the milk dish with. I put the dish beside and she slowly drank a tiny bit, yet continued to cry. I moved the dish away to see if she would come towards me. Finally she hobbled towards the dish, ever so slowly and apparantly in pain. Something had happened to her too. Oh no! I didn't hit her with the vehicle last night when leaving too?!? I now think perhaps the cats had all hovered around the truck when I got home as it was warm and then I, not realizing they were there, hit not only Tiger but perhaps Midnight as well. Normally since Tiger was especially friendly and liked to jump into the truck as I buckled Jacob into his carseat, I would make sure I had him in my sight before leaving. However, for whatever reason, I didn't realize they were anywhere near the vehicle when we went to leave last night, nor did anyone else. I told Taylor this morning there was something wrong with Midnight, but I wasn't sure what and reminded her to feed and water the cats before school. Just as I was walking into work, I received her call. Midnight had died within the hour of my having left home. The kids will attempt to bury them after school tonight, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to dig through the ground as it's started to freeze up. Abbie isn't aware of this yet as she went to spend the night with her dad after conferences last night. She'll be a crying mess I know. She still cries often over the loss of her favorite cat "Pumpkin". We now need to either get some more cats from my parents farm or take Shiloh there for the winter so she stays warm with the other barn cats. I don't think she's able to stay warm enough on her own. I feel so bad about it, but I know it was no one's fault. I just happened to be the driver. :(

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lizziebusy said...

My dear Stacey,
I got the tags of the giveaway and three extras. They are wonderful, thanks a lot. They smell soooooo nicely, how you did it?
have a nice weekend,