Friday, November 7, 2008

Reflecting . . .

I took this peaceful photo a couple of mornings ago on my drive in to work. I cross a lake I live nearby daily, and had to stop as the sunrise was beautiful with the clouds and slight bit of fog atop the water.

Looking at this peaceful photo I now reflect upon how fragile life is. A child I know has just lost his brother to suicide at a very young age. Not only has he lost his brother, but his mother also passed a couple of years ago due to the same reason. His family is broken and he has gone through so many hardships in his short life. My heart breaks as my thoughts and prayers are with him, that he may overcome his grief and deal with all he's had to endure in a positive way.

Please keep your loved ones close and let them know just how much you love them. Live your life to the fullest each and every day, and let your love shine upon those those close you.


My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Stacey ,
That is a beautiful picture and such beautiful words.


Mónica Zúñiga said...

How beautiful way to your work! You most get there really inspired!
I send many blessings and love to that boy you talk about, that most be really challenging!

And blessings to you too!