Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bath Time, the Ol' Ford, a Runaway, & Our Veggie Garden

Bubbles at bath time! Jacob's almost 2 . . He's 23 months now!
Abbie posing with her dad's Antique Ford that is in pristine condition. I'm trying to convince her to let me get her bangs cut, but she wants to let them grow out . . yet she won't always keep a barrette in and it drives me nuts, but oh who am I to tell my 7-year old know it all daughter? I'm just her mom, come on . . she's got to be "cool" and all now. LOL, I swear she acts like she's 13 at least already.
And here are Mike and Jacob busy removing stumps from land Mike cleared to increase the size of our garden. Jacob loves being on anything noisy that moves . . he was safe, with a seat belt strapped around him. Mike was very busy, as he cut down and removed close to 30 trees!
And here's a shot of just a portion of our now much bigger, newly planted veggie garden. Just wait to see it later in the season! The plants will be huge.
Uh-oh! We have a run away! LOL. Jacob ran off out of the house. He can get out on his own even if the door is locked, so we have to watch closely as he LOVES to get outside all the time.
And here he is once Mommy caught up with him still in his pajamas with a dirt streak on his forehead . . lol. Sitting on one of Abbie's li'l old bike's, but he still is too little and can't reach the pedals, so will sit on and can barely reach to the ground to stand on his tiptoes and push it along. :)


TeresaM said...

Cute pictures Stacey! That bubble bath looks like fun and the old car is beautiful! Love the little one escaping on the tricycle too!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh that last photo with binky and bike is too funny..can't wait to see your veggie garden in full make mine look puney in comparison..isn't gardening fun though...we love it..:)

Tami said...

Cute pictures!! Your little runaway makes me giggle....too cute!!

Have a great day!

OldeAnnie said...

Love the pics! That toddler age is the most fun! The first and last pics brought back some sweet memories! ~~Annie

Anonymous said...

Oh Stacey I love your blog, and if Jacob is not the cutest little man with binkey and bike.