Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanna See What the Prize Was?

Finally, I think enough time has passed that I can post my black Friday giveaway prizes. I sent out two prizes, each the same with the exception of the sign color - one was burgandy, the other the blue color as shown here. So here is what the winners each received from me: a handpainted stenciled "Sleigh Rides" sign, some prim Christmas hang tags, 4 li'l prim candles, 2 pear shaped tarts, a large prim candy cane, and 2 small wax dipped chenille candy canes tied together with a pine sprig. :)

Last night the kids and I baked cutout Christmas cookies. We didn't finish with decorating them as it got to be too late, but that will be the fun project for tonight or tomorrow night (Abbie may spend the night with her dad tonight, and if so, we'll wait for her to share in the fun tomorrow night). She was doing better last week as far as her emotions go, but then spent the weekend with her dad and is back to being sad again . . ugh. It seems that now, after over 5 years of being apart, she wants her mommy and daddy together and told me last night that if I wanted her to be happy, that I would get back with her dad. I had to explain to her (again) that I'm sorry Abbie, that's not going to happen, you have to make the best of what you do have and be happy that you have both of us in your life. Crying is not going to help at all. I just don't know what has really triggered this after everything was fine being that we haven't been together since she was 3 years old and she never had these emotional problems about it before. I pray she can find a way to be happy and not let this continue to eat at her. I'm doing my best!


Anonymous said...

Love the cute little sleigh ride sign. I can just see it attached to a white picket fence with snow on the ground!

Roanoke, VA

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, I am very behind on blog visiting but am trying to at least drop by and drop off some Christmas cheer and wishes for a very blissful Holiday season with your family and friends.
I will keep your daughter in my prayers - it's so tough to deal with emotional issues in children. I've been there and done that with my son when he was in 5th grade - it turned out he had some other issues that it seemed once we got a handle on and learned to work with, the emotional side faded away and now he's a very happy almost 18 year old. So counseling will help and I'm sure give you some tools and explanations and that goes a long long way. You're obviously a good mom and you will help her overcome this I know.
It's always a treat to visit and see all that you've been up to - even that growing belly with a baby inside! I'm so excited for you!
Merry Christmas!