Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Vintage Little Girl Photo Images

I just love these images! Played with them and did a bit of touch-up.

Last night Mike and I were talking a bit about spending $ on unecessary things. Can you believe he had the gall to tell me, "when you die we'll have a house full of useless junk that we can toss in a pile and have a big bonfire." OMG did he ever get an earfull after telling me that! First of all is the "when you die" comment - what on earth was he thinking . . saying things like that are likely to find his life coming to an end much sooner, don't ya think? (Only kidding, but my word.) And, then too, "useless junk to make a bonfire with". Oh boy, don't ever tell me my collections are useless junk!!! I LOVE my collections of prims and antiques. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I told him, should I "HAPPEN" to die before him, that he had "BETTER NOT" have a bonfire with my things . . it's all something someone would want, and most are somewhat costly handmades from some of the best prim artists there are. Sure, he might have to seek the right place to "get rid" of these things, but there are sure to be people who would cherish such things as much as I do. Gosh, to even think about someone making a bonfire out of my wonderful collections makes me want to cry. What on earth is he thinking?!? Men.


Tess said...

You better have him checked, he may have suffered a ministroke at that exact time. Really now, the things that come out of their mouths at times, it's a wonder they don't make doghouses bigger just fopr them. :)

Pease Porridge said...

These pictures are sooooo cute!!


JeanM said...

I love vintage photos. Check out my post picture. This is a journal I did. I love to use vintage children.

Anonymous said...

Stacey that was way too funny. I'd empty out his tool box and when he looks the next time... and it's all gone, tell him you were cleaning out his junk!

Thanks for the vintage photos, they are wonderful:) TMAP

Linda Cain said...

This made me laugh. My friend's husband did something REALLY stupid by leaving the garage door down when he left for work. The power was off!!! And he didn't open it for his wife...MY husband knew this was going to be a lifelong act of ignorance for this guy. His only comment when I told hime the story.."the poor dumb

Men are selectively very observant!