Friday, March 13, 2009

Sooooo SWEET!! Another SUPER WONDERFUL Addition to my Collection of Prim Goodies!

Ohhhh my goodness . . . I am sooooooo WOWed by the kindness of Renae at My Little Raggedy Blessings!!! I LOVE her creations soooo much and just "had" to have this sweet prim vintage bunny she posted on her blog and then listed on eBay, and I was lucky to have the highest bid. Yay! But, not only did she send me the bunny, but she also was sooooo sweet and sent me an awesome fabric covered shaker box with a super cool prim teddy bear head, AND three beautiful vintage ATC's! My goodness, Thank You Renae! You are tooooo sweet! Please take a peek at her blog to see more of her wonderful creations!

I have one more sweet purchase to share soon . . but then I need to stop myself from buying for a bit. I allowed myself a spend a bit out of my tax return on a few things that make me happy, and I am certainly happy with my purchases. :) DH has been laid off work though now for a few weeks ~ he works for a large construction firm ~ and with work being slow everywhere, he could be off for an undetermined amount of time, so we're having to keep a tight budget. It was hard to make ends meet with him working full time and now to have to get by with less is going to catch up to us soon. He is talking with his brother who also works for the same company and is anticipating being laid off as well soon, and with his father, about the possibility of starting their own lawn and yard care business, which may be a good idea for the summer at least. They have a connection with someone who has such a business in the area and can't keep up, and this person would recommend them to those customers he has that he can't keep up with. So it sounds promising . . time will tell.

I'm looking forward to the weekend as I really want to concentrate on getting some new goodies made up and finally getting my giveaway posted. :) Have a great Friday the 13th everyone!!


Tess said...

Oh MY, What wonderful surprises. I took a peek at ther site and you are right, her creations are oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I'll check her blog out more later.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

oh Hon I am so glad they made it there safe and sound and that you liked them .I had to spoil you just a bit :)

I understand the whole budget thing we are doing that as well .Hubby and my son got there hours cut starting this week we are thankful that he is still working but it cut our income in half .I have been looking for something myself but things are tough around here as everywhere right now and not much for jobs right now so I am trying to figure something out . we were lucky to have a bonus on this paycheck that they give out once a year so that will help some but won't last long.

We had gotten our taxs back the end of January but every bit of it went to pay off the girls doctor bills yet again .And I think we will be headed to the ER with hubby later today I am guessing . He hardly slept last night and woke up to have his knee three times the size it should be this morning OUCH!!! I tried to get him to stay home and go see the doctor this morning but noone else there can do his job so he had to go ,he is very stubborn about that .At least today is only 4 hours due to the cut in hours and my son drove him . Just a tad bit stressed right now worried about him and what will happen come monday .

I hope that your hubby is not laid off for a long time hon I know that is so tough and scary .

Have a good day:)


Jenny said...

Awe, Those are darling. Lucky you!

UPON A HILL said...

Oh those are such nice things & you were truly blessed. I understand the job situation, as we went through it ourselves. Lawn care is really a big thing, especially if you live in a large area.