Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is Near

Abbie, Jacob, and I spent some time outside the past couple of nights, as the weather has been very nice! As you can see, we still have snow, but it's nearly gone most everywhere other than in a great portion of our yard (we are surrounded by woods so the sun doesn't hit in most areas of our yard). So Abbie was in her flip flops though I didn't necessarily approve of that, but yet she did - the temps. yesterday were close to 70 degrees. There are actually people still ice fishing and several were out driving on the lake yet this weekend, but that's about to end I'm sure. I'm hoping to take a nice long walk tonight, though Jacob will try to get me to take him for a 4-wheeler ride again I'm sure - he LOVES riding on that.

I best get back to work. I just felt like taking a short break to blog a bit here and share a couple of photos I took two nights ago. Hope everyone's enjoying the day.

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Tess said...

Great pics. Glad you are having some sun there. I took my granddaughter to the park yesterday. She loves the tunnells still even at 9 1/2.