Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decorated Glass Jars

I decided to decorate more glass jars ~ they are great to fill with candy or other fun little things as a quick fun gift for friends. I'm hoping to make up a bunch of them and fill them with things and try seeing how they sell at a craft fair sometime. I simply embellished using cardstock, stickers, yarn, and paint (if needed) on the caps.

This week has been very busy between work and home. Tonight the kids and I are off to a school family fun night . . . folk dancing. Oh my word . . I'm not really enthused about it myself, but will be positive and know it's something Abbie's really been looking forward to, so will make the best of it.


UPON A HILL said...

Your jars are delightful! i enjoyed your lsat post as well.

Tess said...

Your jars look really pretty. And that family fun night, I bet you have a blast. I always had the most fun and the events I really didn't want to go too and my daughters would say, "See mom, aren't you glad you went". LOL

Cris said...

The jars are adorable! Folk Dancing! Wow, that's a new one! ha ha My college daughter talked me into going to her school's Earth Day Celebration last weekend--that was an interesting blast from the past--(hippie 70's culture).

Countrygal said...

they aqre lovely! omg folk dancing? like in barn dancing? lovely, you'll have a good time!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous job, girlie! >:0)