Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Wanna Get Outdoors & Play!

Here are Jacob and Abigaile. Jacob was putzing around on his li'l 4-wheeler while eating a snack; therefore the messy face. I took the snapshot of Abigaile last week while we were at a school fun night with various activities for the kids.

And these two photos of each of them I snapped while we went outside for a walk a couple of nights ago. It was a bit brisk, but not too bad so we went for about 2 miles and picked up aluminum cans alongside the road. By the time we were halfway through the walk, Jacob got out of his wagon and pulled it himself for a bit. We also found some snow alongside some of the shaded ditches and had a li'l snowball fight. :) Now if only it would warm up so we can get outdoors a bit more! Today is very brisk and the wind is whipping.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope ya haven't been fooled too terribly! I'm trying to think up something fun for the kids tonight.
And, I'm still working on getting everyone's name in the drawing, so will be back later in the day to post the winners of my goodies.

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