Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy, busy!

Everyone in my family caught a vicious virus, starting with baby Jacob and making its rounds through the rest of us over the past few days. But, we're all well now. In between caring for my sick children and recuperating myself, I was busy over the weekend preparing for a last minute craft show my work has decided to throw together. I'll be taking some pics once I have my table set up ~ I'm not taking a real lot, but as I pack my things to bring I keep deciding, oh I might as well include this and that that, some of the items I've had in storage for awhile. If only I had known about this earlier, I'd have been busy making some new ideas I have in mind, but it's too late as I don't have the time now.

I hope to take some pretty wintery photos later today, as we've had an overnight snowstorm and now have about 8" of beautiful snow covering the ground. The girls are home as school is closed and hope to make a snowman today. Regardless of the weather, I had to come to come in to work as usual (I work at a hospital, so there's no closing it!), and Jacob's at daycare. Only two of the daycare staff were able to make it in to work so far, so there's a chance they may need to close early. I better get back to working here now.

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My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better ,stay safe on those roads . We got rain then snow last night so driving the kids to school this morning was a bit of a challenge. I think it took a good half hour to calm my nerves once I got back home lol :)

Have a good day