Tuesday, December 23, 2008

* Oh Christmas Tree *

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree . . . I'm about set for Christmas! Yay! It's a relief to feel done with most everything. I still hope to make more Christmas cookies and some fudge as we ended up being too busy this past weekend to do so (shoveling snow ~ we've got a ton of it ~ and last minute Christmas shopping).

I plan to do the baking tomorrow as I have the day off work, will clean a bit more, and hopefully settle down to a nice evening at home with the family to watch a Christmas movie. We had planned on spending the evening at Mike's parents, but his Dad is not feeling very well after just having had surgery and now he may have the flu or something along with recuperating from the operation. I pray it's not serious and he's back to feeling better soon!

I feel we found some nice things for the kids for Christmas this year, even with having a tight budget, so they should be happy once Santa arrives. I love seeing their faces light up on Christmas morning.

This weekend Taylor was in a Christmas parade for her middle school band. I've never been to a freezing cold wintery parade before and never thought they'd actually toss candy at such, but they did! We froze just a tad with the temperatures being -6 below zero. Yet, it was nice anyway.

And, last night Abbie had her grade school Christmas program. It was nice too. I haven't uploaded my photos from either of these events yet. Hopefully tonight after I take some photos of my decorations, I can upload and share a few more photos here. :)


This Country Girl said...


I love the prim snowman and tree! Did you make it? It's adorable!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments on my kitchen.

From our family to yours....A Very Blessed New Year too!


Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

I LOVE this snowman and tree also! I was wondering the same thing as Tammy...Did you make it Stacy?

Sharon/primthyme said...

You are so welcome !
I love your snowman & tree !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,