Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Photos

The kids got up super early this year - lol - Taylor woke up at midnight and Abbie was up at 1 a.m. and found that Santa had already made it to our house! They each have a little Christmas tree in their bedroom and are allowed to open the gifts Santa leaves in the rooms, so they were up playing with those gifts until they felt it was "safe" to wake us to see if they could open the rest of their presents under the big family tree. We all were awake by 5 a.m., but that was fine with me, as it was Christmas, and I wanted to allow the kids some time to play with their things before we got ready and left for my parents, who we spent the rest of the day with, along with my brothers and sisters and their kids.

Here's Abbie Christmas morning with her new twin Bratz dolls.

Taylor, Jacob, and Abbie bright and early Christmas morning.
My kids with their cousins at my parents.
Taylor, Jacob, Abbie, and Ashton - my nephew.
Jacob and I (my brother Jay in the background with his little girl opening a gift) .
Jacob all smiles over a new toy.
Jacob with his mouth a mess from a little chocolate and his favorite new toy - a realistic little vacuum cleaner! LOL. He loves it every time I vacuum and cries when I turn it off, so now he has his own to turn on and clean with! He REALLY LOVES IT!! It even actully sucks up a bit of dirt! LOL (That's his daddy, Mike, in the background).
Jacob and his cousin Carter.
Taylor and Abbie Christmas morning opening presents from Santa.

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My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Hi Stacey ,

Cute pictures .looks like you all had a very nice Christmas :)

Thought I would stop in and Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!!! I hope it is filled with lots of little blessings.